Fees may be paid for the entire year of the term. This reduces clerical work of the school and inconvenience to parents.
1. No students will be allowed to appear for examination if all the dues are not cleared.
2. All fees must be paid by 15th of respective month as given below:


In April along the admission fee

May, June

In May


In July

August, September

In August

October, November

In October

December, January

In December

February, March

In February

3. No exception or reduction in fees will be made on account of any holiday or absence for any cause.
4. School fees once paid will not be refunded in any case.
5. Those who fail to pay their fees by 15th of schedule month, if not excused by special arrangement are liable to pay fine.


Please Note 

1. The management reserves the right to revise the fees as and when necessary.

2. Any changes made in the General Regulations of the school and in tuition fees or any charges will be binding on parents/guardians.