Welcome to the St. Norbert School

St. Norbert School was established in 1999 and is administered by Norbertine Fathers, St. Norbert Priory, Indara, Mau (U.P.). Rev. Fr. John Toppo is the founder of the school. The School is dedicated to Saint Norbert who is the founder of Norbertine Order and was a great reformer and defender of the church in 11th century.

The main aim of the school is to give an all round education, liberal, academical, and also physical and spiritual to all children, irrespective of religion, race or language.


About Our Patron

Norbert was born in the year 1080 at Xanten in Germany. His father Heribet belonged to a royal family and was a well known figure all overt Europe as Count of Gennep. His mother Hedwig was a member of a famous aristocratic family. Thus, both parents of Norbert were of nobility. Norbert's elder brother was named Heribert after his father and both the Heriberts held the title 'court of Gennep' and lived in the castle of Gennep, ruins of which can be seen even today. Norbert had a younger brother Eribert who was killed in a battle. Norbert is known by three names: Norbert of Gennep because of his Father's title' Norbert of Xanten, Xanten being the town where he grew up and had .. ..... Read More