Manager's Desk 

"Excellency and Education' have been always a part of Norbertine ministry across the world. Schools 

today are playing a significant role in this era of rapid socio, economic and political readjustments throughout the globe. St. Norbert School, Ghosi has been a pioneer in endeavoring to focus in caring for the children's education and their over-all development in the Ghosi region.

St. Norbert School, Ghosi always tries to excel in molding the total personality of a child – developing his mind, sharpening his intellect, nurturing his creativity, strengthening his body and above all enriching his character and imparting to him values that make him a good human being and a good citizen. The School tries to impart education that strengthens the bond of national unity that fosters in young minds a natural inclination to rise above narrow caste, communal and class divisions. Cooperation rather than competition has become an important part of our School ethos and culture.

I am happy that this website will reflect both the internal and external qualities of school and students. It will be a means to cherish the accomplishments done in the past, to look forward to the tasks and challenges of the future and to illicit the hidden talents of the students as well.

I wish the Management, Principal, Fathers, Sisters, Staff, Students and parents best wishes and fruitful days ahead.

May God shower His blessings and may His loves sustain you.

Abbot Benzes Thomas, O.Praem
With Best Wishes and Prayers,

Rt. Rev. Benzes Thomas, O.Praem
Father Satish
Dharauli, P.O.- Manikpur
Harawha , Ghosi, Mau
U.P. (India)