1. Admission to L.K.G. is generally announced in the first week of February. FOUR YEARS is the age for admission to L.K.G. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the subsequent classes.

2. A student joining the school for the first time must produce a satisfactory evidence of the date of birth such as an extract from municipal of village or hospital record of a Baptismal certificate.

3. Generally there is no admission to other classes. However, depending on vacancies that may arise, opportunity may be provided to eligible candidates.

4. When a student admitted on a transfer certificate, he/she shall not be placed in any class higher than that for which the certificate shows him/her to be qualified, nor will he/she be promoted before the end of a school year.

5. A student who does not complete the school calendar year is not eligible for promotion; hence admission will be made accordingly.

6. No student will be admitted a transfer certificate from the school last attended; and in no case shall a student be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.

7. In case of re-admission after withdrawal, admission fee will levy again.

8. The Principal reserves the right to admit or to refuse admission to anybody without assigning any reason for his action.



1. A school-leaving certificate will not be issued until all the fees are paid. Those who leave in April will pay fees for May and June as well.

2. The leaving certificate will be given free of charge if taken within a year of leaving the school. After this period a fee of Rs. 5 will be charged for every subsequent year, subject to a maximum of Rest. 15. A Fee Rs. 5 will be charged for a duplicate copy of the leaving certificate and for any extract from the school office, Rest. 5 will be charged.

3. It is very much appreciated when parents respond to the invitation sent to them to attend the parent-teacher's meeting and other school events.

The school uniform :


White Shirt Half Sleeves White blouse
(Tie Collar) (Tie Collar)
Navy Blue Shorts Navy Blue Tunic up to class V
Navy Blue Skirt class VI to XII
Academy tie Academy tie
Shoes Black Shoes (belly) Black
School belt School belt
Socks Navy Blue Socks Navy Blue
Academy badge Ribbon Black
P.T. Uuniform (Only Class 1 Upwards)
White Shirt White Blouse
White Shorts White Tunic
White Shoes P.T. White Shoes P.T.
Academy Tie and Belt Academy Tie and Belt
Academy Badge Ribbon Black
White Shirt full Sleeves (Tie Collar) Short/Blouse. White full Sleeves (Tie Collar)
Navy blue Trousers. Tunic Navy Blue up to class V
Navy Blue Skirt class VI to XII
Blazer Navy Blue Blazer Navy Blue
Socks Navy Blue Socks Navy Blue
Shoes Black Shoes (belly) Black
Academy Tie Academy Tie